Determined to Win

Searching for a job can be the ultimate stress that each of us has tried to avoid. How can we overlook it when a job is needed to survive? Looking for a job has never been an issue for me. I recall at the age of 15 walking inside of the Shoe Dept at Carolinas Place Mall. I was with my cousin playing a joke and I applied for a job. Not knowing how mature I looked or how well I spoke for my age. This joke turned into an actual opportunity. After that one offer, many offers came my way. I would only need to complete an application, land an interview, and the rest was magical. I had become so HIGH on myself. I would walk into a job saying, ‘watch I get my training schedule the same day’. Back then I didn’t need the resume; I was the talking resume.
Suddenly the change came about 2006, with the hearing loss. As the hearing decreased the ability to hear throughout an interview shortened my chances of getting hired. Over time the high self-esteem I had for so many years was no longer there. Still battling with accepting myself I never mentioned my hearing loss to the employers for special accommodations. I was in denial.
After so many tries and failed attempts. A position finally came my way. I was hired as a Collector for a major finance company handling back end collections. We all know collections are handled completely on phone at times, especially dealing with auto. How will you hear? How will handle calls? How will you master the tasks of your position? Those were questions I had no answers to. I was determined that I would take this new opportunity and do my best without sharing my hearing impairment. Over time I was able to use my dual headset that had an extra max volume setting that I could turn on and up to the max without any problems. But there were times I couldn’t hear my debtor gather information to complete a call which caused me to disconnect the call. Months begin to go by and the ringing in my ears gets louder and louder from sitting on the phone for 8-10 hours straining to hear. Something had to be fixed, but what. This is permanent damage.
Over the years as I have started to accept my situation. I have begun to allow employers the opportunity to accommodate me before being offered an interview. I have learned just as much as I need this job they need me to. That high self-esteem that was a loss is coming back. Obtaining employment and maintaining my opportunities have become less stressful. I know who I am; I accept me for who I am and no matter the outcome if an employer needs me they will go out their way to hire and accommodate me.

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