I always desired to have many friends in high school based on popularity and wanting to be known by so many. As years passed the number of friends, I had met over time seem to come with more drama and problems. I instantly wanted to end socializing altogether. The saying “quality over quantity” is what started to stick in my mind. Where were all the good loyal friends. Maybe I should have thought about the type of friends I were attracting or clinging to vs. the number of friends.
As years passed by into my adulthood, I learned what the meaning of real friendship meant. I didn’t need a set number of friends by my side I required one loyal friend without the drama and chaos. I also had to reflect on myself and ask were I offering good traits as a friend. Sometimes we can be the bad friend that attracts terrible people. It was times that my attitude, mood swings, and disrespect could cause me to lose friends and vice versa.
When looking at another person to become that number one go-to person for you, it requires the same amount of time and dedication as you would put into a relationship with your spouse. A friend should offer comfort and support, someone who has your back when things are going wrong. Someone who doesn’t cause harm behind your back or bring harm to you. Your real friend will neither lead or follow you both will walk the storm together. But how do you know when you located that person?

The year of 2005, I met someone who didn’t need me to lead them nor did they need me to follow. This young woman immediately offered me support and comfort I needed to be myself and accept myself for who I am. When my darkest past would come to haunt me, she would remind me not to look back to focus on my future. The moment I felt ashamed of who I was because of my disability she told me what I stood for as a mother and a young African-American woman. When my communication begins to decrease over the phone, she took the phone from my hand and handled calls as if she was my identical twin. One year I thought of committing suicide, and she sat next to me at the hospital coaching me on how important my life was. If your friend hasn’t saved your life once but twice, you need to get you one like mine. My God, I thank you for her. No situation would come up that she would turn her back on me and no case I would turn my back on her. All these years I had been searching for one person who I could relate with my father above blessed, me with one of the best.
Having a true friend is a real gift for any person male or female. It shares value just as your marriage or relationship with your mate. Always cherish the one who gives you the support of going that extra mile, who will never be ashamed or judge you for your wrongdoings but encourage you to do better. Friendship can save your life with the right people. She kept me!

One Reply to “TRUE FRIEND”

  1. Beautifully written, there is nothing more rewarding than a “Good Friend”, trust me I know I am a Good Friend, that person who is there regardless of what I have going on, I rather have my friend’s back or even let them know that what they are doing; or what they said is wrong, because remember a Good Friend doesn’t always have to agree with you, and I myself learned that the people I considered my friends in my latter life (40 something) weren’t my true friends even though I have met some great people in my life, you have to be careful who you consider a Friend, people take advantage of good people!! Great Work Shantae, my new Good Friend💃💃💃💃

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