Everyone tends to think the word FAT is harsh. Don’t get me wrong it is. Why is it the word SKINNY is left as a positive word?
For those that suffer from eating disorders, weight challenges that affect their ability to gain, or the person who has other illnesses that keep them from not gaining, skinny is very offensive.
I have been small all my life. Some people have picked and made me feel the discomfort of enjoying me as a healthy me. Meanwhile, others have asked what the secret of staying so small is. There is no secret at all. I eat daily probably more than a person more prominent than my size — somehow I haven’t managed to pick up the pounds in the right areas to fit in with the IG models or today’s THICK GIRLS club.

Over time I have spoken with doctors to see what healthy ways I could use to add on weight. Many requested ensure back in the early 2000s. YUCK! Drinking two to three ensure supplemental drinks a day can be upsetting to the stomach. I experienced nausea over time which caused me to stop that route. Another doctor requested Depo-Provera 2007. Now, this I was excited to see if worked. I read many women saying how Depo- Provera caused them extra weight gain over time. After my first dose, I noticed me eating more snacks and continuously having the munchies lol. It could have been a mental thing, but I am quite sure the shot played a part. When starting depo provera, I was at a tiny size of 105LBS. Yes, skinny minny. Three months passed and it was time for my next dose and lord the scale read 135LBS. Thirty extra pounds. The biggest I had seen in my life without being pregnant. After remaining on depo for four years, I decided I wanted to have another child. In just four years my body had changed tremendously my once so fertile self-wasn’t as productive as years before. Visiting with my ob-gyn, she felt it was best to let go of the shot to give my body some break especially if I was trying to conceive in upcoming years. I was torn between having another child or back to my skinny size. Thankfully my homegirl from high school recommended a medication she used for weight gain and was prescribed by her doctor for use. I was back to smiling again. My primary care saw no harm in prescribing the medication to take three times a day. The year of 2011 I begin my first round of prescription drugs, and drastically my weight increased from 135LBS to 165LBS again another thirty extra pounds. Now I fitted in with all the girls who were thick, so you say.

I end by saying this, us skinny girls have trials to go through as well to feel comfortable about our outside body and appearance. Calling another person thin can make them feel down about themselves the same as calling someone fat. No one will ever be a perfect size. It’s best to not judge another person’s weight with or without knowing their struggles. As you see from my experience, I spent many years with doctors just a person much bigger would spend trying to find weight loss options just to fit in. Body-shaming is not respectful for any shape or size individual.

If you or dealing with body shaming from others or even yourself. Practice accepting yourself now, use powerful affirmations, turn your focus on away from what you look like on the outside and toward how you feel on the inside/outside, and last it’s ok to seek professional health to improve but do it for you, not for others. What matters most is that we’re happy with who we are!


  1. Great job!!! I use to do this to my best friend because she was very thin and I was always heavier and I felt bad about myself and envied her small frame.. but both are very hurtful!!


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