We Need Our Mothers

How does a young girl become a woman, most have a mother that teaches them the true meaning of womanhood. Growing up each young girl enjoys to play in makeup, polish her nails, comb and brush her hair. These are things some are blessed to do with their mother. Heres where the bond of mother and daughter begins and grows.

Blessed with a beautiful black queen as a mother — a strong-minded woman who thinks highly of herself. My mother had the image of a tom-boy I always thought. Her style has forever been sweatsuits and the hottest air max. She never could relate or understand why I like to strut in heels, play with press-on nails, or enjoyed the latest hairstyles with weave. Over the years the misunderstanding and different ways we shared caused many arguments and fights.

Many mothers don’t realize how a girls day with your daughter or daughters allows them to open to their mothers about who they are. It gives a chance of bonding and moment to express your likes and dislikes freely. As time passes over the years, a young girl seems to feel alone, and slowly looks for the attention and bonding with other outside people.

The choices young adult women make in life comes from how they feel deep down inside. If they feel as if the woman who birth them never have time for them they take on the same thought process with men. And they allow men to come and go as they please.

My high school years were spent learning about who I was. I had no clue of what type of woman I wanted to be because the woman who was supposed to teach me was very busy finding herself. These were my hardest years because a lot of decisions I made were because I didn’t know or was told my worth or how a woman should handle situations among other women or men. I read many of books on self-love and care at the early age of 16 but still couldn’t quite comprehend. There were times I cried myself to sleep wishing she understood me but she couldn’t.

As time went by and we both aged, she has made numerous attempts to relate to me. Over time I have attended church with her, and to the hair salon with her. We have shared many secrets good and not so good! The bond my mom and I have now is inseparable, unconditional and with great respect, love, compassion. She has expressed her childhood growing up which has enlightened me on her thought process. Even with, the damage did she goes super hard now to make up. As God says, everyone deserves to be forgiven and second chances. I admire her strength never to give up. We may miss out on bonding however her go-getter attitude I have picked up. That has been the greatest trait she could have ever-blessed me to have.

My young adult and adult life as a woman hasn’t been easy teaching myself, but the few stumbles have made me stronger. Now as an aunt and stepmother of young ladies I make it my duty to let them know I love them so they may enjoy themselves, that they are loved unconditionally and don’t have to seek approval or love from outside. They are worthy, there may be mistakes made, but they are loved and not judged by me. Those bonding trips to the mall, nail salons, hair salons are the times where I allow them to express who they are in style. All that I give to them is all I ever wanted for myself. We must remember the young women under us will soon be mothers themselves we must break the cycle for them.

Love on every young woman connected to you so she may love herself.


2 Replies to “We Need Our Mothers”

  1. I can truly relate to this blog post! It sounds like when she finally knew better she did better. It made you the woman, sister, friend, mother and aunt you are today!


  2. Wow, wish this csn be reversed for me, yes we all need our mothers, but we also need our daughters love and understanding as well❣❣❣

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