My Child Understands Me

We have all considered our children as little geniuses. At least I was blessed with three I love so dearly. Each one has made changes in their ways of communication to assist their mom with her hearing loss. Of course, my older boys were able to experience the before mom lost her hearing and know how to communicate with mom and her hearing loss.

I want to take a moment to share how my youngest amazes me with communication. CJ now at the age of three years old with no sign language teaching, no understanding or been told his mom can’t hear, he has adapted quite fast in communicating with me.

Last week there was a knock at the door. Me running around the house and not hearing the beat at the front door, and only been one room over caused for CJ to alert me. His first attempt was using words “someone at the door, someone at the door” again just being a mom brushing him off responding “boy go sit down and stop shutting doors” yes I was way off with where this was leading to lol. CJ than got very agitated and grabbed my hand leading me to the front door, where I was caught off guard someone was outside. I open the door and YES someone was knocking at the door for 5 minutes. The person begins to ask me questions which I was slightly confused, a simple question on did I have any trash for the valet trash attendant — me standing there trying to understand this soft-spoken person and make out the conversation. CJ goes and points at the garbage in the kitchen signaling for me that they were asking for our trash service for the day. I was just so stunned at how this little person who is only three just walked me through an entire conversation by pointing and leading me. I had to explain to the valet trash service provider I am hearing impaired, that I didn’t hear a noise at the door, but my toddler did, I didn’t understand what he needed because I was standing with one hearing aid in and couldn’t quite make out what was said, but my toddler understood. Valet trash smiled and said you have a little genius on your hand to care for you.

I always questioned having all boys would they care for their mother like a mother should be cared for when the time comes and I can’t provide for myself. This situation here has shown me that my child is ready for years of communication with me, years of leading me, and years of being my interpreter because even now barely learning speech himself he has proved he is his mother’s keeper.

Never underestimate a child. They see and understand things better than we can ever imagine. I am blessed to have him.

CJ mommy loves you!!!!

4 Replies to “My Child Understands Me”

  1. Aaaawww I want to cry, and yal say he is bad lol. A word of advice if I may, thetes a doorbell you can get for the hearing impaired, I had an aunt who was deaf and when someone rang the doorbell it was connected to several lights throughout the house so you would know someone rabg your doorbell ❣❣❣

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  2. I enjoyed reading your article and it touched my heart. Please, continue to write and blog about your impaired hearing journey. You are going to help so many people (those with and without disabilities). I am following you on WordPress. God bless you Sis! ♡

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  3. OMG Shantae Girl you have me in tears. I knew the name of your blog but didn’t realize that it was a representation of what you are going through in your daily life. You are an absolute inspiration for all women. I salute you. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. I love you dearly sis.

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