Turn the Switch Off

A few weeks back, I shared a blog about my toddler helping with simple daily routines when I can’t hear around me. Yes, that blog post showed how sweet and innocent CJ can be at times. But what about the times when CJ is not so honest! Or the times when your boyfriend continues to nag about dinner not ready! How can I leave out a manager in a meeting rambling on and on! Teenagers are fighting in the next room over about fortnight! Thank God for the ON and OFF switch of my hearing aids!!!

If you are wondering there are some pros I call it with wearing hearing aids. Especially if the noise of toy trucks bouncing off walls, or the noise of PJ MASK blasted while your toddler is singing along, and you’re laying in bed with a massive migraine, merely turn the off switch.

I have taken advantage of this off and on the switch, to save my life at times, from exploding on many people. CJ at times has come in front of me and yelled “DO YOU HEAR ME” lol, I simply shrug my shoulder to answer him with “I DONT UNDERSTAND.” Believe it or not, he will walk away and quiet down.

I know that may seem a little harsh to some, but we as mothers sometimes need a mental break from the world — a moment to silent everything around us entirely out. My mental interruptions from the kids fighting, a boyfriend nagging, a manager rambling, or just someone near me irritating me with their sounds, has all been silent out with turn the switch off. To have both worlds in my hands the ability to hear those when I need too and ability to silent those when required has been a thoughtful way of capturing my thoughts. Once I have gathered my ideas, calmed my nerves and ready to enter back into the world chaos and noise I will turn the switch back on to be part of my environment.

When learning how to adapt to your new world, you find the pros and cons to help you enjoy who you are. I can say when I look back and think I am one lucky person.

On or Off are my choices!
My world!
My peace of mind!
I love me!!!

3 Replies to “Turn the Switch Off”

  1. Love it, at least you can literally turn your switch off and on lol, but we all need to do this regardless to what stage we are in our lives, it can be tuning folks out who make your spirit dim it can be your grown children acting like they weren’t raised better, your coworkers, etc. Love it Tae❣️❣️❣️❣️

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