Hired,Quit, Fired, Started My Own

Who would ever think your life dreams would come when you’re at the lowest point of life. Being hired so many times, quit because no one understands your situation, and fired because you lose interest in the position you once thought would lead to your final place of retirement. I have started so many jobs ranging from Customer Service, Accounting, Medical office, Real Estate, and the list goes on.

February 2019 was just like any month for me attending a well-paid job for a check. No matter how I woke up and got dressed to drive the 20 miles to work, I couldn’t find my passion in the position other than looking forward to my Friday weekly paycheck. There wasn’t a reason why I should hate the job with all the flexibility given, but it just didn’t allow me the excitement of enjoying eight hours a day. Soon enough management picked up on my lack of interest to be there, my constant errors in overlooking my work, tardy daily because I took advantage of the flexible shift, always on my phone in meetings because I was browsing on Instagram hours after hours looking at what gave me excitement. Later that month, I decided this is not for me. I am tired of settling just for a check. I am tired of fear stopping me from the things that I love so much and hold my attention. I ended the position.

Let’s go back to March 1st, 2019, the first day of me being unemployed and stepping out on faith. All those hours spent on Instagram looking at different profiles of other women who have started their way in the beauty industry of eyelashes/eyelash extensions had my undivided attention. With no experience except wearing eyelashes, I decided to pick a class. I located a local Certified Eyelash Instructor who profiles showed me she was dedicated to her work, passionate about what she does, and I knew this was someone I wanted to train me to be my very best with this new task. We all are aware of investing in ourselves is never cheap, but well worth it at the end. I paid for my class and stepped out on faith to learn something new, something that I could do alone, something that makes me forget about my phone the hours I am working, and most of all something that I dream about at night and during my naps.

Most people doubted me saying the job is too tedious. Some thought I was wasting money because out of all my career titles; none dealt with the beauty industry. None of that matters when you have set in your head; this is what you want to do. I even had a few others laugh and say I left a full-time job to do something with no experience. Still, I didn’t allow that to stop me. I will be lying if I say these few months the journey of being my very own boss as a Certified Eyelash Tech has been easy because it hasnt. But the more I dedicate myself to practice I have found improvements. Finding my confidence in my work has taken time, but each day I wake up and set up at my home-station whether it is practicing with my mannequin head or a live person, I give it my all. I vow to myself to not return to the world of a 9-5; dedication is my key to my new business in the lash world.

I am going from Certified Eyelash Extension Tech to Licensed Esthetician over the next few months. There is so much more to come from getting Glammed By Tae. I thank all my mentors, supporters, those that have trusted me with live practice, most of all, I am thankful that I found my purpose and passion in starting my own business.

Hired, Quit, Fired, now I have started my own business, so can you.

Instagram @artistryglamllc
Website http://www.artistryglamllc.com

3 Replies to “Hired,Quit, Fired, Started My Own”

  1. My heart us truly happy for you. I just feel a kindred spirit with you. And you motivate me to be a better me. I have experienced all of that wgen it comes to the corporate world so I totally get it. I am rooting for ylu sis and will do anything I can to helo you get tour business up and flying❀ With God and Good Girlfriends anything is pissible.
    P.S. maybe we can do Lash partys and get this clientele out there! Love you Sis and Best of Luck πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™β€β€β€πŸ–€

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  2. This is amazing. Wishing you well on this journey and I pray that one day, I can make my way to your beauty suite or, event. πŸ’›

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